The term “Pastor” is used because Stephen Ministry uses the term “Minister” frequently to refer to Stephen Ministers who are our lay care providers. We use the term “Pastor” here to differentiate between our professional ministers and our Lay Stephen Ministers.
There is training, which will include two retreats [Friday evening 6-9:30pm, & Saturday 9-4 including meals] and 9 evening classes (7-9pm), spread over September, October and November. As a Stephen Minister you will visit about once a week (for about one hour) with the person you are caring for. You will also attend up to two meetings per month for supervision and continuing education.
All costs will be paid by the congregation, however you may discover associated resources that you wish to purchase at your expense.
No, you are not expected to spend any money whatsoever on the care receiver. You are also not expected to personally provide any other specific services for a care receiver, such as transportation or baby-sitting, for example. As a Stephen Minister, you may at times assist in arranging for such services.
No. You will care for one care receiver at a time. If the care receiver were to begin calling too often, you will learn to respond to too many phone calls or excessive demands in a loving, assertive manner. It probably won't arise, though.
Most definitely! Stephen Ministers complement the pastor's ministry and provide even more care to those who need it.
First of all, you will never be knowingly assigned to people who might be in those situations. The Stephen Ministry training also helps you to know exactly when and how to help your care receiver get professional help when necessary. The Supervision Group, the Stephen Leader, and the pastor are also there to help you to make such decisions.
You will learn many skills that will be valuable in your personal life as well as in your Stephen Ministry. Also, the satisfaction of helping another person is a wonderful blessing.
No, many people decide to continue as Stephen Ministers after two years. You and your Stephen Leader will make that decision when the time comes.
Members of this congregation who are experiencing times of special need and other people within our community who may turn to us for help. Thus, Stephen Ministry is also a way to reach out to others as well as to our own members.
Yes. A pastor or Stephen Leader will meet first with the care receiver. Only after the care receiver understands Stephen Ministry and has agreed to meet with a Stephen Minister will you be contacted.
No. The name and conversations with your care receiver are to be held strictly confidential between you, your care receiver and if needed your Stephen Leader when circumstances require support.
Probably so! But the training will eliminate much of this fear because you will not only learn what to say but also, and more importantly, how to listen.
Fill out the application form which is available from any of the four Stephen Leaders. You will then have an opportunity to meet with the pastor and Stephen Leaders to ask any questions and make your final decision.
Ally Murray, Bob Pearmain, Gwen Carpenter, and Rev. Philip Newman (see picture of all four at top right).
Stephen Leaders (left to right): Rev. Philip Newman, Ally Murray, Gwen Carpenter, Bob Pearmain.

For more information or inquiries about Stephen Ministry at WVUC, please use the form below.

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