Children's Ministry


Nursery care is provided for children 3 and under.

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Sunday Club

On Sunday mornings, children aged 4 and up are welcome to join our Sunday Club program, a relational program designed to build a strong community of young people.

The program for ages 4 to grade 3 is centred around Godly Play, which introduces the building blocks of Christianity through various sacred stories and parables from the Bible. The strength of the program lies in its focus on wonder, with children being invited to explore rather than simply being taught. Through the community of players gathered together, we hear the deepest invitation of all: an invitation to come play with God. It is our desire that through Godly Play, our church community will discover the power of stories to nurture the faith of each child.

For children and teens in grades 4 and up, our program uses the foundation offered by Godly Play and takes them one step further: what does it mean, as young people, to live like Jesus lived. The program is designed to feel more like recess than school, in that our primary goal is for young people to develop strong faith-based relationships with one another. It is within a strong community that we can safely explore what it means to follow Jesus.

Children ages 4 and up attend the beginning of each worship service and then, after gathering at the front of the sanctuary, they are invited to the gym before heading to their respective groups.