Adult Ministry

The focus of West Vancouver Adult Ministry is to enable our church family to care for each other and those in need in the community. The Adult Ministry is comprised of many volunteers and a ministerial team who provide pastoral care for people in need of extra support during times of crises.

We are members of West Vancouver United Church who willingly give our time and resources. With an expanding need for care among us and in our community, there is an increased need for caregivers to meet the growing needs of the congregation and the community. Our Ministers and our Adult Ministry Coordinator lead us, and provide training seminars and information sessions to support us in our caring support activities.

What are some of the activities that the Adult Ministry does?

  • Respond to caring needs by regular telephone or personal visits
  • Provide worship services at care facilities once a month
  • Serve as a support group for members who are single, separated, divorced or bereaved
  • Provide rides for church events as needed
  • Provide hearing devices during worship services for the hard of hearing
  • Provide a supportive environment for persons experiencing loss or crisis
  • Visit Lion’s Gate Hospital once a week and organize flowers to be delivered to patients on Sundays
  • Refer care receivers to appropriate community agency
  • Initiate event and workshops in response to the needs of the congregation
  • Organize special events for care givers and those in need
  • Maintain a resource system for people at points of crisis in their lives
  • Organize a Senior Fellowship Luncheon on the last Wednesday of each month.
If you would like to know more about becoming part of our Caring Ministry, please contact Cindy MacLeod, Coordinator of Care via our Contact page.