How Do I Become A Christian?

At West Vancouver United Church, you are welcome at any point on your spiritual journey. In fact, we expect that most people need to “belong before they believe.” While the official start of the Christian path begins at baptism, we believe that before you know or love God – God knows and loves you in Christ. Indeed, as St. Augustine said it best, “our hearts are restless until they rest” in God.

We work hard at creating community that is warm, loving and inclusive for all people. While we affirm that God in Jesus meets us with love and forgiveness, accepting us just as we are – we also trust that God in Jesus has no intention of leaving us as He found us.

When the time is right we invite you to commit to following Jesus, growing daily in his likeness through the practices of Sabbath, Study, Service and Stewardship. Here’s our vision:  

  • Sabbath: A commitment to regular worship with the church family; a desire to engage practices that recreate and restore body, mind and spirit; a curiosity to explore the power of prayer.
  • Study: A commitment to regular study of Scripture; a desire to be “transformed by the renewing of the mind;” a curiosity to engage contemporary issues and challenges through “faith seeking understanding.”
  • Stewardship: A commitment to live generously trusting that “The Lord loves a cheerful giver;” a desire to share the time, talent and treasure God has granted us in abundance, a curiosity to explore what it means to be “rich toward God” by living by the rule, “Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can.”
  • Service: A commitment to love and serve others through acts of compassion and caring while seeking justice that changes lives for good; a desire to be a “good and faithful servant;” a curiosity to explore your spiritual gifts and discover who God made you to be.