Qualities of a Stephen Minister

The church is not looking for perfect Stephen Ministers. They do not exist outside of Jesus himself! Effective Stephen Ministers will not all be alike and that’s good. Care receivers will be different, so It helps to have a variety of Stephen Ministers who can serve them.

Core Qualities of a Stephen Minister

  • The person is a Christian.
  • The person has the ability to keep confidences.
  • The person is able to relate to others nonjudgmentally.
  • The person is committed to giving the time necessary for training and service.
  • The person is willing and able to participate faithfully in supervision.
When an applicant has the core characteristics and some not all of the desirable characteristics in the four areas described below, he or she should make a good Stephen Minister trainee.

Desirable Qualities of a Stephen Minister

  • Shows humility.
  • Is aware of personal boundaries and able to say no when necessary
  • Is tolerant, nonjudgmental, accepting, forgiving
  • Shows a positive regard for people
  • Desires to grow and is eager to learn
  • Is reliable, dependable, trustworthy
  • Makes decisions and follows through with tasks and responsibilities
  • Shows emotional stability
  • Is willing to try new behaviours, experiment with different approaches, explore possibilities
  • Possesses genuine self-esteem and is content to serve quietly and without fanfare
  • Is teachable, trainable, accepting of supervision
  • Shows an ability to relate to and work with diverse types of people
  • Is comfortable meeting people and helping them feel comfortable
  • Is welcoming and hospitable
  • Is open to differences of opinion
  • Is clear, direct, and to the point in communicating with others
  • Expresses feelings in an honest and caring way
  • Has the capacity to be vulnerable, to laugh and cry with people
  • Cares for others in an assertive but not aggressive way
  • Deals appropriately with confidential information
  • Is accepting of self and others because God has graciously accepted him or her
  • Understands faith as a relationship with God and a way of life
  • Is not currently experiencing a major spiritual crisis
  • Has a growing relationship with God indicated by regular worship, Bible use and personal prayer
  • Has a heart and vision for servant ministry
  • Has an authentic desire to serve Christ and the church
  • Has the ability to articulate his or her faith in a natural and comfortable way
  • Shows a willingness to work hard and has an attitude that says, “I’m willing to do whatever it takes”
  • Views Stephen Ministry as a significant aspect of the congregation’s total mission and ministry
  • Is greatly excited about and keenly interested in Stephen ministry
  • Grasps the commitment level that is required for this ministry
  • Has the willingness (and capacity) to commit significant time and energy to learning and practicing the role of Stephen Minister
  • Has a deep desire to serve others through Stephen Ministry
  • Shows a willingness to take responsibility for his or her own actions.
Stephen Leaders (left to right): Rev. Philip Newman, Ally Murray, Gwen Carpenter, Bob Pearmain.

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